Reference Web Poster

Post and Search Databases on the Web

  • Post personal reference collections on the Web from Reference Manager, ProCite, and EndNote
  • Colleagues search and export references into their own reference manager
  • Easy-to-use, no programming or database conversions required


Reference Web Poster is a new collaborative tool for sharing bibliographic references with colleagues on the Internet.  With Reference Web Poster you can post databases from Reference Manager, ProCite and EndNote on the Web.  Colleagues with a browser can search these databases and import references into their own reference managers. Yes, that's right -- colleagues can import references into their Reference Manager, ProCite or EndNote databases!

With Reference Web Poster You Can ...

  • Post your Reference Manager, ProCite and EndNote databases on the Web
  • Select an output style and sort order to display retrieved references
  • Install quickly - there's no programming or database conversion required

Anyone with a Web Browser Can ...

  • Access your Web Poster site
  • Search any combination of Reference Manager, ProCite and EndNote databases -- simultaneously!
  • Import references into a Reference Manager or ProCite database in one step
  • Import references into EndNote or other reference managers from a text file

Uses for Reference Web Poster

Reference Web Poster is a perfect tool for sharing personal reference collections on the Internet with colleagues, students or others. References for grant submissions, collaborative projects, patent applications, reading lists, or other unique compilations can be shared with colleagues worldwide. For example, a researcher in England can post an EndNote database for his colleagues in the United States and Asia to search. These colleagues, in turn, can download selected references into their own reference managers for use in their research and writing -- even if they all use different bibliography managers.

To Run Reference Web Poster You Need ...

  • HTTP server running on Windows 98/95 or later, Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or later, Windows NT Server 4.0 or later. HTTP Servers from Microsoft or Netscape recommended.
  • Dedicated access to a TCP/IP network
  • A World Wide Web browser, preferably Netscape Navigator v3 or later, Microsoft Internet Explorer v3 or later
  • One or more databases to post created by Reference Manager 9/8, ProCite 4, or EndNote 2/3 (includes Macintosh EndNote databases residing on a Windows volume) or later. These database products are sold separately.
  • Pentium 90 or higher
  • 16 MB RAM minimum, 32 MB recommended
  • 3 MB disk space recommended
  • 3.5" floppy disk drive, mouse
  • Year 2000 statement

Technical Support

Technical support for Reference Web Poster is available via phone, fax, and e-mail at

A Reminder on Copyright Compliance

Some of the materials you bring into Reference Web Poster, such as text, images and original HTML code may be subject to restrictions on use or copying based on license agreements and copyright and trademark laws. Specifically, the systematic updating of bibliographic and other information subject to such restrictions will be viewed as a violation of applicable license agreements and laws.

Familiarize yourself with all relevant restrictions and obtain permission where necessary, if you intend to post any material acquired from another source. You may find information on whom to contact for such permission from a database license administrator in your organization or from the Web pages of the organizations from which you source data. Please recognize that care should be taken to comply with license agreements and copyright laws, and that failure to do so can have serious consequences.

Press Release

Reference Web Poster is a new collaborative tool for sharing bibliographic references with colleagues on the Internet.

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