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LISREL Tech Support and Troubleshooting

Technical Support

Scientific Software International offers technical support in the form of e-mail, FAX and telephone assistance. This service applies to problems in using LISREL and does not include statistical consultation. If you are experiencing a problem of this nature, please consult our short list of relevant text books.
SSI technical support will assist you with such problems as installation of the hardware, solving of possible bugs, warning and error messages, printing of path diagrams and system requirements. This service is available to all registered users of the full LISREL program. Technical support is not available for the free student student edition.

Should you encounter any problems in using LISREL, it is suggested that you

  • use the online help instructions available with most of our programs
  • consult the accompanying manuals and other documentation
  • read the FAQ and Troubleshooting pages on this site.

If, after going through the above steps, you have unanswered questions or comments, contact SSI's Technical Support Services by

In all cases, please provide the product version number and your registration number, as this service is only available to registered users of software distributed by SSI.

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A number of potential problems are listed below. If, however, you can not find an answer to your specific problem here, please contact SSI's Technical Support Team.

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