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Announcing LISREL 8.70 for Windows



New statistical features introduced in 8.70


  • Generalized Linear Models(GLIMs) for complex survey data.
  • Implementation of design weights in multilevel models.
  • Implementation of sampling weights for SEM models.
  • Multivariate censored regression.
  • Goodness-of-fit statistics.
  • Change to the windows/menus/dialogs.



New statistical features introduced in 8.50




  • Structural Equation Modeling with incomplete data: Efficient Full Information Maximum Likelihood (FIML) for incomplete data that are missing at random.
  • Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling with complete and incomplete data.
  • Nonlinear Multilevel Modeling: Two-level nonlinear regression models.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Formal Inference-based Recursive Modeling (FIRM) for detecting complex statistical relationships among categorical and continuous variables.
  • Multiple Imputation: Expected Maximization (EM) or Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) for imputing incomplete data that are missing at random under the assumption of an underlying multivariate normal distribution.
  • PRELIS System Files: LISREL 8.50 for Windows uses a PRELIS System File (*.psf) to store information such as number of observations, number of variables, variable names, type of variable, category labels, missing value codes and the raw data. When opened the .PSF file is displayed in spreadsheet format and a PSF toolbar appears which enables users to make graphic displays, define and compute variables and analyze the data. A *.psf file can now also be specified as part of the LISREL or SIMPLIS syntax. Use of a *.psf file greatly facilitates the ability to draw path diagrams and build syntax interactively.
  • External Data Sources: Import data from numerous external data sources with no limitations on the number of observations and variables, except for those imposed by the computer resources.
  • Additional Graphical Displays: Pie charts, Box-and-Whisker plots and matrix scatterplots.
  • Windows Interface: A 32 bit Windows interface for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP supporting long path and file names. Note that Windows 3.1+ is no longer supported.
  • Documentation: Revised online Help file covering all new features and a 500 page user's guide describing the LISREL user interface, new statistical features and syntax.




New statistical features introduced in 8.30

  • Multilevel analysis (also known as hierarchical modeling, random coefficient modeling, latent curve modeling, or growth curve modeling) available for two- and three-level models.
  • Two-stage least squares (TSLS) estimation
  • Principal component and exploratory factor analysis using all the types of variables PRELIS handles
  • Individual factor scores can be computed for all cases in the sample for the factors estimated in exploratory factor analysis as well as for all latent variables in any estimated LISREL model.
  • Any variable in PRELIS can be transformed to normal scores. For continuous variables in a sample size of 100 or more, say, this transformation effectively transforms a non-normal variable to normality, thus offering better possibilities to handle non-normality in small and moderate samples than previously available methods.
  • Improved algorithms for calculating asymptotic covariance matrices.

Documentation: "LISREL 8: New Statistical Features", describing all of the above in detail, with many new examples.



All new LISREL 8.30 from Scientific Software International (SSI)New interface features introduced in 8.30

  • A path diagram can be exported as a Windows Metafile with the same presentation quality and used in other applications.
  • The completely standardized solution is now available in path diagram.
  • A conceptual path diagram (without any parameter estimates) is available.
  • Data charting has been improved and expanded. Univariate charts and bivariate line and scatter plots are available. You may change about any feature of a graph to your liking and export it as a Windows Metafile with the same presentation quality for use in other applications.
  • The list output can now also be converted to HTML format, next to the RTF format and LaTeX format.
  • The dialog-box interface has been improved and expanded for preparation of PRELIS and Multilevel input files.

The online Help has been vastly expanded and completely rebuilt in the new Winhelp format, with a separate window for Contents, Index, and Find. Once open, click on Contents or Index to create that feature in the left frame.



Of course, you will still have all the new features that were introduced in 8.20: All new LISREL 8.30 from Scientific Software International (SSI)

  • Interactive path diagrams
  • Build syntax input from path diagrams
  • Build PRELIS, LISREL, or SIMPLIS syntax interactively
  • Generate LISREL syntax from SIMPLIS syntax and vice versa
  • Import data into PRELIS from about 80 different formats
  • Convert list output to LaTeX or RTF format
  • Robust chi-squares and standard errors
  • Linear and nonlinear constraints on parameters
  • Interval restrictions on parameters
  • Analysis of general covariance matrices that cannot be specified as LISREL models
  • Multiple fit measures
  • Plain English input with the SIMPLIS syntax
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