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 Scientific Software InternationalHLM

HLM 홈 제품 정보 주문/가격 기술지원 HLM 5

The main HLM window

Starting the Windows version of HLM opens a blank main window, which is the central point for setting up and running HLM analyses. Not only do you use it to create an SSM or MDM file, create or edit a command file, but you also access the resulting output from this window.

WHLM is a graphical front-end to the HLM2, HLM3, HMLM and HMLM2 programs. It is not capable of running analyses itself, but rather provides a convenient way to set up the desired response (*.rsp) and command (*.hlm / *.mlm) files and submits these to the underlying programs.

Button conventions used in WHLM

Following the Windows convention, the (usually) gray, rectangular buttons perform the task their labels imply. There are three buttons that appear in several places, and their meanings are:

accepts the information shown on the screen and exits the dialog box

ignores any changes you have made and exits the dialog box

looks for a directory/file name appropriate for the given purpose

The main window

The main window (not shown here) is divided into two main parts: the variables-to-enter column and the model window.

Most of the variables-to-enter column is a box that encloses the variables of the current level from the current SSM file. Just above this, is a legend reminding you which level you are working with. At the top of the column is a button (or buttons, if working with a 3-level SSM file) that allows the user to switch between the various levels. It is important to remember when you are building a model that you can only build the level corresponding to the level shown in the variables-to-enter column.

The model window will generally display your model in equation format, but will also be used to set up parts of your analysis, such as a residual file or multivariate hypotheses tests.

Main menu bar

The main window shows the following menu bar:

Click on any menu bar option for details

For a list of all options available in HLM2, HLM3, HMLM and HMLM2, click here

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